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The definitive guide to restful restorative sleep.

“ This book is dedicated to Ellen. 42 years as my college classmate, wife, mother to Alanna, Mike, Conor, and Murray, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Boston Center for Oral Health. Thank you for no longer tolerating my snoring and encouraging me to find a solution to my poor sleep. It has led to a new level of physical wellness and professional fulfillment that this book represents. Sharing your life’s journey with me – that has made all the difference."

Doctor Carmine Morreale

D.M.D., M.A.G.D., Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

What’s Inside ?

So you have trouble sleeping? You're not alone, over 50 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. And wha​​t's more, there are plenty other things that keep you up at night. We've put together this eBook to help you sleep better, with information on sleep disorders, tips for getting a good night's sleep, and more. 

Signs of Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Are You At Risk?


Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Asthma

and much more..


I hope that you will enjoy this 120+ pages eBook. The more you read the more likely you’ll start to see signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing in those around you. This is an EXTREMELY common problem, with the vast majority of those with the problem undiagnosed and untreated—many of whom are being treated for other presumed issues, rather than the core issue.



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Insider Insights

“The more I learn about sleep, the more I am enchanted by its restorative powers and the more I am motivated to better understand its mysteries. How is it that ‘shutting down’ for 7-8 hours per day provides the foundation of so many of our essential bodily functions? Sleep clears waste products from the brain, consolidates our memories, refreshes our muscles, regulates hormones, and synchronizes our organ systems. At the end of the day, my mind feels dull, I am more moody, and my muscles feel fatigued. Yet, in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, I can focus better, my body aches less, and I am ready to attack another day. Therein lies the miracle of sleep!”
Doctor Noha Siegel

MD Harvard Medical School, Director of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Medical Director of Otolaryngology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Longwood

"I drove in from New York yesterday to have Dr M and his staff evaluate a sleep study that I had done back in New York. I was so impressed with him and his staff. They made me feel like I was a patient of theirs for years, when this was the first time being there. Dr M and his staffs knowledge of sleep apnea and treatments for it were above and beyond any previous Dentist that I have consulted with in the past . They got me in and began the steps in fitting me for a mouth guard device to remedy this problem. I would highly recommend this practice , I couldn’t be happier with them. Anthony"

"The Boston Center for Oral Health on 400 Comm. Ave in Boston has been a Blessing!!! I travel for a living & the snoreguard mouth piece not only gives me a great nights sleep the product is easy to pack and maintain!!! Thank you Doctor Carmine & stafff! You represent a Championship city with a Championship staff & product!!!! Thank you, Dave Russo “Russo on the Road”"

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We wrote this eBook to be informational. It is not designed to be a summary of current research. It is based on clinical experience and research evidence, with a strong leaning toward the day to day practical experience of helping literally thousands of people suffering with sleep-disordered breathing.